Protection of personal data, intellectual property and technical specifications

The terms of this privacy policy apply to the website of Virmeton OÜ (hereinafter Vaibagalerii) at and other websites managed by Vaibagalerii (hereinafter together and separately “Vaibagalerii website” or “website”). By using the website, the customer confirms their acceptance of this privacy policy. Vaibagalerii retains the right to amend the terms of the privacy policy. Vaibagalerii ensures that regardless of any amendments, the lawful protection of the customers’ personal data is always ensured. Please visit this website regularly to examine the amendments.

Personal data protection

The chief processor of personal data is Virmeton OÜ, registry code 10308526.

Protecting the personal data of our customers is important to Vaibagalerii. Therefore, we collect and process personal data only in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and any other legal acts that regulate the protection of personal data. Vaibagalerii does not forward the personal data of customers to unauthorised third persons.

Vaibagalerii collects and processes only such personal data that is necessary for providing services to the customer in our shops and online shop and to operate the Vaibagalerii regular customer programme.

Vaibagalerii processes the following personal data:

- name

- address

- phone number

- e-mail address

- information about the purchases made by the customer and contracts signed with the customer.

Depending on the need and circumstances, Vaibagalerii may process only some of the abovementioned personal data.

Vaibagalerii sends direct marketing, campaign and special offers to the customer only if the customer has given their express consent. The customer has the right to withdraw the said consent at any time.

Only employees assigned by Vaibagalerii have access to the data base of collected personal data. Users of the data base have undergone required instruction to use the data base.

Vaibagalerii has the right to forward personal data to:

- companies that belong in the same group as Vaibagalerii

- courts, bodies resolving extra-judicial disputes, debt collection institutions

- supervisory and investigation bodies in cases provided for by law in order to protect their infringed or disputed rights

- cooperation partners of Vaibagalerii for sending marketing notifications (unless the customer has not given their consent to receive direct marketing, campaign and special offers)

- delivery companies if it is required to deliver the customer’s purchase made in the online shop.

Vaibagalerii complies with the principle of minimalism in forwarding personal data and ensures that agreements have been made with all cooperation partners to whom the customer’s personal data is forwarded according to this privacy policy that obligates Vaibagalerii’s cooperation partners to maintain the confidentiality of the forwarded personal data and ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The customer has the right to access the data collected on them, request the correction of inaccurate data, request that the processing of their personal data is discontinued and execute other rights arising from the Personal Data Act.

Please send any additional questions regarding the processing of personal data or any requests or applications related to the processing of personal data to

If the customer finds that their rights have been infringed during the processing of personal data, they have the right to file a claim to terminate the infringement with Vaibagalerii, Data Protection Inspectorate or the court.

Intellectual property

The content of the website of Vaibagalerii (including all photos and texts) belongs to Vaibagalerii and is protected by the laws that regulate the protection of intellectual property, unless specified otherwise in these terms of use or on the websites.

The distribution of the content of Vaibagalerii’s website or using it for business purposes in full or partially without the prior written consent of Vaibagalerii is prohibited. The logo of Vaibagalerii and the related graphic images are registered trademarks.

External links

Vaibagalerii’s website may contain references or links to websites of third persons, the content of which does not belong to Vaibagalerii. Vaibagalerii is not liable for the content of such websites or any consequences arising from their use.