Machine made carpets.

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Your floor connects all other design elements in the room. Consider wall color, window treatments, and other furnishings when choosing the color of your new carpet.

  • Bright colors make the room look bigger, however, they tend to create a formal atmosphere.
  • Dark colors make the room optically smaller, still making it a cozier.
  • Yellow, orange and red give the room a warm look while blue, yellow and green tones make it look cooler...


The „roots“ of machine made carpets are in Belgium. During the last 50 years small weaving mills have grown into huge factory complexes. By design machine made carpets can be divided into "traditional" - a pattern imitating the ancient designs and modern - particularly suitable for contemporary interiors.



  • Wool is one of the nicest materials for area rugs, and has great durability. Unlike synthetics, wool is less likely to harbor dust mites. It is a very dense material for a rug, and the denser the rug, the better longevity and durability it will have. Wool takes color well so the range and grade of colors are excellent. Wool is incredibly versatile too. There is virtually no setting or style that cannot take a wool carpet.

When blended with synthetic fibres such as polyamide the durability of wool is increased. Blended wool yarns are extensively used in production of modern carpet.
Man-made yarns are generally cheaper than natural materials. Carpets are made of the same harmless fibers as clothes (nylon or polyamide, olefin or polypropylene, acryl – has a softness of wool, viscose or man-made silk).
Synthetic carpets have the advantage of unlimited choice in colors and they are more attractive in price.

  • Polypropylene heatset carpets are very durable.
  • Acrylic carpets are popular in bathrooms.

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